Signs of Hearing Loss


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In these cases, your hearing has probably begun to decline!

If your eyes are blind, many people will be very anxious; if your ears are losing hearing, few people will pay attention to it at first. Some hearing loss is gradually declining without realizing it, and many people do not pay attention until their hearing has declined to a more serious degree. The following conditions are likely to be a precursor to hearing loss.

The volume of the TV or cell phone is turned up

When watching TV or using a cell phone, you subconsciously turn up the volume to meet your listening needs. However, people around you will feedback that the volume is too high, or even a bit noisy. In this case, it is likely that hearing loss is occurring and needs to be taken seriously.

Difficulty integrating into conversations, requiring repetition or louder volumes

When communicating with others, you find it difficult to integrate into the conversation: not only do you ask the other person to repeat themselves, but you also need them to speak louder. Inability to hear or hear out, which has a greater impact on normal life.

Missing phone calls, not being able to hear the doorbell

Often, you may not hear the ringing of the phone, or you may not respond to the doorbell even after it has been ringing for a long time and need to be reminded by others. This is also a case of possible hearing loss.

Need to turn your head to listen to others

If you used to be able to communicate face-to-face, but slowly start to turn your head so that your ears are facing the direction of the sound, this is a sign that your hearing may not be right.

Annoying tinnitus

Tinnitus that lingers and interferes with your daily life can also be a precursor to hearing loss in the ear. It is important to think of tinnitus as an alarm, a signal that alerts us to the hearing health of our ears.

Of course, there is not an absolute relationship between tinnitus and hearing loss, as there are many other conditions besides hearing loss that can cause tinnitus. If tinnitus occurs, it is best to actively intervene to treat it to avoid affecting normal work, study and life.

Being in a noisy environment and often suffering from noise damage

There are many reasons for hearing impairment, and one of them is very directly from noise damage in life. Therefore, in daily life, it is important to avoid living in areas with frequent noise especially.

Long-term hearing impairment can bring a series of inconveniences to patients in terms of communication, learning, mental health, and interpersonal relationships.

When you find that you cannot hear some sounds, it is very important to have a hearing test and get a hearing aid in time. With the right hearing aid, the auditory pathway is restored and the brain regains access to auditory signals.


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