Are more expensive hearing aids better?


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What suits you is the best

Hearing aid prices range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, and many people will think that the higher the price, the better the hearing aid will be.

In terms of hearing aids, it is true that the higher the price, the more features you can get and the more needs you have. However, when you look at the needs of the hearing impaired person, the more expensive the hearing aid is, the better it is and the more features it has, not necessarily the better it is for you.

Many hearing aids now come with an intelligent chip that incorporates environmental adaptation, wideband technology, anti-whistle, 360° speech orientation focus, dynamic noise management, whispered speech enhancement, wireless Bluetooth direct connection, APP control, binaural intercommunication technology and more, already equivalent to a miniature computer.

The higher the price of the hearing aid, the better the technology of the features offered, but it is not for everyone.

Depending on the hearing loss and daily listening needs

If you are usually at home, where the listening environment is relatively quiet and homogeneous, then a basic grade of hearing aid can meet your needs.

Hearing-impaired people who are often in noisy environments or who have higher sound quality requirements will need higher-grade hearing aids.

If you rarely watch TV, video chat, or watch small videos for entertainment, you don’t necessarily need to choose a wireless Bluetooth or APP hearing aid.

Young people who often use digital products can pay more attention to wireless Bluetooth hearing aids.

It is important to choose the right hearing aid, not just the most expensive one.

If you blindly choose a hearing aid that does not match your hearing, you may aggravate your hearing loss and cause secondary damage to your residual hearing.

The audiologist will recommend the right hearing aid based on your hearing test results, past medical history, daily listening needs, appearance requirements, and psychological price point.


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