Do you know all the functions of hearing aids?

hearing aids

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A hearing aid is a small megaphone that amplifies sounds that would otherwise not be heard, and then uses the residual hearing of the hearing-impaired person to allow sound to be sent to the brain’s auditory center, where it is felt. Hearing aids are becoming more versatile as hearing-impaired people seek more diverse listening experiences, such as supporting Bluetooth wireless connections, IP68 dustproof and waterproof, tinnitus masking, and more.

Bluetooth wireless connection

Support Bluetooth wireless connection is more convenient and easy to operate, the effect is better.

Built-in Bluetooth function of hearing aids can be better sound transmission effect, easy to answer the phone, listen to music. Also more convenient to watch TV, TV sound can be transmitted via Bluetooth wireless to reduce the loss of speech space.

Tinnitus masking

Some hearing aids support tinnitus masking function, according to different characteristics of tinnitus, through white noise, narrow-band noise, pink noise (rain) , waves and other natural environmental sound to mask tinnitus, effective relief of tinnitus distress.

IP68 dustproof and waterproof

Hearing aids are precision equipment, daily use to pay attention to water dust and other effects. And support IP68 function of hearing aids can achieve the highest level of dust level 6, waterproof level of up to 8, use more assured.

Voice prompt is convenient

Many hearing aids have many functions, such as turn-on sound, low-voltage sound, program switching sound, etc. . It is convenient for daily use and operation, especially for the elderly.

Intelligent noise reduction

Hearing AIDS with intelligent noise management system can be independent noise suppression, reduce noise in a complex environment, sound more comfortable.

ear sound amplifier

With the rapid development of technology, hearing aids have more and more functions, which can solve the hearing problems of hearing-impaired people in their daily life, and make hearing-impaired people get better experience. What new features do you think hearing aids might have in the future? Let us know in the comments section.


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