How to get rid of ringing in ears?

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What is Tinnitus?

Many people will suffer from tinnitus, such as no sound from the outside world, but the ears hear a buzzing or beeping sound; sometimes the tinnitus lasts for tens of seconds, sometimes for a day or two, and even longer for some people.

Depending on the symptoms, duration and sound level, some tinnitus is pathological and some of the more severe tinnitus can even affect the patient’s mood, life and cause depression and anxiety.

Causes of Tinnitus

The causes of tinnitus are varied and can be caused by hearing damage or loss; or noise pollution; or it can be one of the symptoms of ear diseases such as otitis media, otosclerosis, or retrocochlear hearing damage. All of these tinnitus are worthy of your attention and are a strong sign of a problem with your ear health.

Several conditions of tinnitus

  1. Some tinnitus does not last long and occurs suddenly mainly because you have not rested well. If the tinnitus is relieved or disappears after a good rest, then there is no need to be overly nervous, just pay attention to rest and sleep in the future.
  2. Some tinnitus occurs after loud noises, such as after listening to a concert, or the sound of a loud firecracker, and the symptoms usually go away in a day or two or so. It is important to take care of your ears on a daily basis to avoid repeated exposure to noise pollution.
  3. If tinnitus is accompanied by a stuffy feeling in the ears and a spinning vertigo, you can record the frequency and duration of occurrence. If it occurs regularly, it is best to go to the hospital for a checkup.
  4. If tinnitus is accompanied by sudden hearing loss, such as when you wake up and notice a significant loss of hearing in one or both ears, it is important to pay attention to this and seek medical attention.
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Special attention

The statute of limitations for seeking medical attention for sudden deafness is 72 hours, and going late may result in irreversible hearing damage.

Tinnitus can be a major or minor problem. If it is not accompanied by other symptoms, and if it occurs occasionally and disappears quickly, then there is no need to panic. Just take care of your rest, have a healthy lifestyle, and protect your hearing.

If tinnitus is frequent and starts to bother your life, with vertigo symptoms or hearing loss, then it is important to pay attention to it and seek medical attention to avoid further deterioration of symptoms.


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