Maintenance of hearing aids in the summer


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Summer is coming, do you know how to take care of your hearing aids?

This hearing aid care guide will help you with everything you need to know about the daily maintenance of your hearing aids during the summer.

Hearing aid care guide in summer

Hearing aid routine maintenance

Do not put your hearing aid on immediately after each shower. Remember to wipe your ear canal and ears clean before putting on your hearing aid to avoid moisture in the hearing aid.

Protecting hearing aids when sweating

Sweat can corrode hearing aids and affect their performance and longevity. Therefore, remember to wipe the sweat off the surface of your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth after using it every day, and then put it in a hearing aid drying box to dry regularly.

Protecting hearing aids when raining

It is best not to wear hearing aids or to protect them on rainy days. When you get home, remember to dry your hearing aids in time to keep them dry.

Protecting hearing aids when swimming

You should take off your hearing aids and store them properly before you do any water sports. When not wearing a hearing aid and swimming, always swim with others to ensure safety. If you are swimming at the beach, avoid sand and dust getting into your hearing aid.

Protecting hearing aids when outdoors

Avoid using hearing aids when applying sunscreen lotion. When using sunscreen spray, be careful not to spray it on your hearing aids as it may cause hearing loss or other damage. Wipe with a dry, soft cloth after daily use.

Protecting hearing aids in hot and cold environments

Hearing aids are often worn in and out of hot and cold environments, and they tend to produce condensation. If condensation is present, remove the behind-the-ear machine guide tube, dry the water droplets, and then place the hearing aid in a drying oven.

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