These perceptions about hearing aids are wrong!

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People with normal hearing or new hearing loss may have a number of misconceptions when they first encounter hearing aids, such as:

  • The belief is that hearing aids can be used just by buying them.
  • The belief is that hearing aids will make you deaf the more you wear them.
  • The belief is that hearing aids can’t be taken off after use and that there will be negative dependence.

All these perceptions about hearing aids are wrong! Hearing aids are not that scary.

Scientific matching, do not buy randomly

Hearing aids are not ordinary commodities and should not be purchased and used casually. There are strict requirements for the fitting of hearing aids, and you need to go to a professional hearing rehabilitation institution for fitting.

The fitter will first check the hearing condition in detail and get a complete hearing report, then select the right hearing aid according to the hearing report and hearing needs. Then the hearing aid will be adjusted by professional software. The user will try the hearing aid on and give feedback to the fitter after several fine adjustments to achieve a better wearing effect.

After wearing a hearing aid, you will need to undergo habilitation and follow-up. Hearing aid fitting is a systematic and professional scientific process, not just a matter of buying and using.

Hearing aids don’t make you deaf the more you wear them

Hearing aids are mainly used to help the effect of residual hearing, and will not cause hearing loss. After the regular and scientific hearing aid fitting process, through the professional fitting engineer’s commissioning, wearing hearing aids can improve the listening effect and will not cause the original hearing loss.
Hearing loss after wearing hearing aids is often related to your own hearing development. On the contrary, it is good that the hearing function will not be degraded because we cannot hear the sound stimulation for a long time because the hearing aid can stimulate our auditory system and keep the auditory center active.

No dependency on hearing aids

Wearing hearing aids makes it easier and clearer to listen, which creates a sense of “dependence” on the hearing aid. When we take off our hearing aids, we do feel uncomfortable for a while, and we don’t hear as clearly as before. This “dependence” is not considered a good thing.
This is because our brain needs time to adapt to the new changes. In fact, our hearing has not changed fundamentally. Positive “dependence” on hearing aids is not a bad thing, it means that hearing aids are really working.
Don’t refuse to wear hearing aids because you are afraid of being dependent on them, but detect hearing problems early and intervene as soon as possible.

Hearing aids are not that scary. People with hearing loss should get hearing aids early and not wait until their hearing loss becomes severe; wearing hearing aids for a long time can greatly improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss.


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