Wearing unsuitable hearing aids will cause hearing loss


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Wearing hearing aids that are not suitable for you can lead to further hearing loss. For example, if you buy a hearing aid that has not been adjusted by a professional, or if an analog hearing aid amplifies various sounds, long-term use may lead to a worse hearing.

However, hearing aids that have been scientifically tuned and professionally fitted at a hearing center will not get worse the more you wear them. On the contrary, it can protect the residual hearing, slow down the decline of hearing and avoid the degeneration of hearing function.

Residual hearing is important

Analog hearing aids are like a sound amplifier that amplifies all sounds in a uniform manner, without noise reduction or loudness protection to protect our residual hearing. Residual hearing that continues to be impaired can feel like it is getting worse.

Residual hearing is the part of the auditory function that is still preserved by examination after damage to the auditory system. Among people with hearing loss, the complete loss is rare and most have some hearing left.

The degree of hearing loss varies, and a detailed medical examination, treatment and protection, and appropriate hearing aids should be implemented to use the residual hearing to obtain better listening results.

If a person already has a hearing loss but does not take it seriously enough to get a hearing aid, the process of hearing deterioration may be accelerated.

Professional hearing aid fitting

When we find out that we have hearing loss, we must go to a regular, professional hearing center for hearing diagnosis and hearing aid fitting.

If hearing loss is not intervened in a timely and correct manner, the longer the hearing nerve stimulation will be reduced and even the residual hearing function will be gradually lost. Therefore, if hearing loss is allowed to develop to a certain extent, even if you finally wear a hearing aid, the hearing aid effect may be very unsatisfactory or even unhelpful.

Early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention are the only ways to minimize the impact of hearing loss on life.


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